Amazing Hand-Crafted Elephant Poop Paper From Sri Lanka

Amazing Hand-Crafted Elephant Poop Paper From Sri Lanka
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(EnviroNews California) – The ingenuity of the human spirit can be truly amazing, but this story takes that ingenuity to a whole new level. Tackling a wildlife quagmire in Sri Lanka, Dr Karl Wald set out to find a solution that would create jobs, while putting more value and protection on elephants.

The amazing four legged creatures were routinely running out of the national park boundaries designated for preserving them and wreeking havoc and foraging on local farms and landscape. Mr. Ellie Pooh came up with a amazing fix of sustainability by creating quality paper from the highly fibrous waste droppings of the docile creatures.

In addition to creating jobs, it has now been discovered that some of the very farmers detesting and even killing the creatures, can now make more from harvesting elephant dung than they can make from harvesting rice! These days, there is a lot more value being placed on these gentle and gigantic creatures in Sri Lanka as is demonstrated by this incredible interview with Pablo Oledo of Mr. Ellie Pooh at the 2011 San Francisco Green Fest.


Amazing Hand-Crafted Elephant Poop Paper From Sri Lanka